Dark Side of the Sword Coast

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Dark Side of the Sword Coast
An unofficial add-in game modification for Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast.

Dark Side of the Sword Coast Credits

Revision Credits


  • Mod packaging
  • Area, scripts, and dialg work
  • Spell checking
  • Forum support, website and hosting
  • Bug fixes


  • Original DS modder
  • Item revamp and fixes
  • 2DA file fixes

Red Carnelian

  • Sounds rebuild
  • BAM rebuild
  • Spells rebuild and fixes
  • Beta Tester

Gabrielle/Dark Raven

  • Dialogue conversion
  • ReadMe file


  • Beta tester and bug killer

Original Credits

  • Original Concept by Roach
  • Story Development by CúChoinneach and Roach
  • Areas and Creatures Designed and Hexed by CúChoinneach
  • Darkside Logo created WoRm
  • Items created by a large number of hexers that is too numerous to list here... (Also, CúChoinneach doesn't wish to leave anyone out. But if you go to the TeamBG site you can visit the TeamBG partner sites and find the creator of your favorite item.)
  • Sounds for Jet'Laya, Keiria Silverstring and Conchobhair Strongblade, edited by Grog
  • NPC Jet'Laya was created by Grog
  • All other NPC's were created by CúChoinneach
  • Voice and Bio for Ferthgil Trollslayer provided by Gothmog of the Stonehearth Clan
  • Original Icons for some of the items were created by WoRm
  • Website and Publicity by Ken Baker
  • None of this would not have been possible if it wasn't for Ken Baker and the creation of TeamBG. TeamBG allowed the coming together of minds and provided the ingredients necessary for a successful brew!
  • Finally a quick thank you to Gustov Montessi who has been a major contributor of editors and other programs that make it possible to create a number of the items and spells. And thanks to all the TeamBG Partners.