Dark Side of the Sword Coast
Dark Side of the Sword Coast

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Dark Side of the Sword Coast
An unofficial add-in game modification for Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast.

Dark Side of the Sword Coast Features

  • This is an unofficial expansion aimed at a 9-12th level party. So I advise that you take the party thru all of TotSC First! But you have to do that after you have installed this expansion. Otherwise the new areas will not be available. Of course you can always import your party in.
  • 5 major quests
  • More powerful monsters than anything yet experienced.
  • Over 30 new areas.
  • 100 new spells.
  • Over 70 new critters.
  • 80 new weapons, armor and other items.
  • 9 New NPCs to join your group.
  • Enhanced Original BG Quests and Encounters.
  • Experience cap raised to 20 million.
  • Level 40 rules pack is included (instead of the level 20 rules that come with BG/TotSC). (This is now optional.)
  • New Weidu installer for ease of use. Easy installation and quick painless uninstall.