Chosen of Mystra's Dark Side of the Sword Coast Revision

A mod for Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast
Version 1.04
(May 29, 2010)

Revised by: CoM Solaufein, Red Carnelian, Grog, Dark Raven and MK

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  1. General Overview
    1. Jet'Laya's Quest
    2. The Dark One Quest
    3. The Dragon Quest
    4. Citadel Quest
    5. Otho's Nephew Quest
    6. Revision & Changes
  2. Installation
  3. Re-Installing
  4. Uninstallation
  5. Compatibility
  6. FAQs
  7. Spoilers
  8. Legal Matters
  9. Credits
  10. Version History


Dark Side of the Sword Coast is a WeiDU-based mod for Baldur's Gate I: Tales of the Sword Coast. This mod has many new quests, new NPCs to join your adventures, many new items and spells. This mod now installed using the Weidu installer for ease of installation and less corruption of the game. Also this new version has many new fixes.

Everything begins with the flooding of the Cloakwood Mines. This starts Chapter 5. As soon as the mines are flooded, prepare your party to take on a new NPC. She's an elven cleric named Jet'Laya. It is also recommended that you sleep as soon as possible, so the Chapter 5 dream sequence runs.

Listed below is an explanation of some of the mod's quests and revision:

A.  Jet'Laya's Quest

Go to the Friendly Arm Inn map. Jet will seek you out if you head to the southern portion of the map. Take up her quest to find her sister and have her join your party. As soon as you do, the Forest of the Forgotten Souls maps should highlight on your world map, and the Dark Side intro program will run.

To access the LS maps you need to go through Peldvale. People have trouble finding the access, so the co-ordinates are x=5020, y=638, map 2400. Co-ordinate access is achieved by pressing the "L" key on your keyboard, and it pinpoints the location of your mouse pointer.

B.  Dark One

When you finish Jet's quest, walk back to the map where the phantoms and cabin are located. The phantom will approach and talk to you, starting this quest. When you destroy the Dark One the phantoms are "released".

C.  The Dragon Quest

A child will approach you and tell you to go visit the Burning Wizard where a priest will great you. This starts the Dragon Quest.

D.  The Citadel Quest

Outside of the Nashkell Inn is a lady that tells you about a lost necklace just to the north. Help her out. Travel to Beregost, collect the Mace from Otho and then return to Nashkel. On the way you meet CúChoinneach and his damn dog. He fills you in on the child/vampire issues, and the Citadel should now appear on your map.

E.  Otho's Nephew Quest

The next (and last) quest begins with you being summoned to the Hammer smithy shop again. Otho (who made your mace) is looking for his nephew. He went missing somewhere between Beregost and Nashkel. Obviously, take up the quest.

F.  Revision & Changes

* New and improved BAM images. Now the items look much clearer and improved over the old ones.
* Over kill items have been toned down. Other item fixes like pricing have been dealt with.
* Improved and new spells.
* New GUI images.
* Revamped sounds and soundsets.

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  1. Copy the contents of the download folder into your Baldurs Gate directory.
    You should have the ds folder and three other files.
  2. Make a copy of your SAVE games. If you don't do this then any original save
    games you have will contain the DS NPC's so back them up.
  3. Double click the SETUP-ds.exe and follow the instructions.
  4. Now you are ready to play. You must start a new game to play DSotSC.
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Re-installing is simple. Double-click the setup-ds.exe file and enter the given commands for Re-installing.

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Uninstalling is simple. Double-click the setup-ds.exe file and enter the given commands for Uninstallation.
On completion return your SAVE games that you backed up to their original Save game folders.

Afterwards, you may delete the following files: Back to top


Mods I know to be compatible are Dark Horizons, Slime Quest, Herbs and Potions and Improved Bams. The Vault is also compatible but you will have to install this first to avoid overwriting DSotSC store files. Check out the website for more details on compatibility.

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Q: What do I need to use this mod?
A: You need a clean install of Baldur's Gate with the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion. A full install is recommended.

Q: Can I use a save game after installing DS?
A: No. You have to start a new game to get the most out of DS.

Q: Why did you revise this mod?
A: It's a great mod, the first one for Baldur's Gate released originally by TeamBG. It's a mod that has had it's "issues" that hopefully have been resolved. We tried to preserve it closely with the TeamBG version.

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Some other time this will be posted.

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Dark Side of the Sword Coast is copyright © 1999, 2000, 2005, 2010

BALDUR'S GATE , BALDUR'S GATE : Tales of the Sword Coast: © 1998, 1999 Bioware Corp. All Rights Reserved.

Darkside of the Sword Coast is not developed, supported, or endorsed by BioWare or Interplay/Black Isle.
All images and contents of this mod are copyright BioWare, Interplay/Black Isle or Wizards of the Coast.

REDISTRIBUTION NOTE: Darkside of the Sword Coast was created to be freely enjoyed by all Baldur's Gate gamers. Dark Side of the Sword Coast, however, may not be sold, published, compiled or redistributed in any form without the consent of its authors.

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Many people are to be thanked for their support of this mod.

Revision Credits

Original DS modder
Item revamp and fixes
2DA file fixes

Red Carnelian
Sounds rebuild
BAM rebuild
Spells rebuild and fixes
Beta Tester

Dark Raven
Dialogue conversion

CoM Solaufein
Mod packaging
Area, scripts work
Spell checking
Forum support and hosting

Beta tester and bug killer.

German translation and tra file creator.
scripts work

Original Credits

Below are links to community-related sites: The Chosen of Mystra The Chosen of Mystra News The Chosen of Mystra IE Resources The history of TeamBG Dark Side of the Sword Coast web site
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Version 1.00 (April 22, 2005) First Full Release




Bardo and Bub NPCs not installing.

Closed Beta versions 1-5 released in 2004
Various bugs fixed.

Version 1.01 (July 20, 2005) Second Full Release


German Translation

Tra file setup version


1. Bardos initial dialog and joining routine.

2. Bub now appears in chapter one as a level 2 fighter instead of level 6.

3. Osmadi creature no longer causes crash in Peldvale.

4. Numerous creatures with incorrect item entries and scripts.

5. Dragon slayer sword and arrows of dragon slaying now have the +4 damage bonus to Dragons and Wyverns which they didn't have before.

6. Dragon slayer sword has deleted script put back in.

7. Numerous magic items have been rebalanced and text errors fixed.

8. Jetlaya, Bub, Keira and Ferthgil have better portraits.

9. Missing items "Armor of thorns" and "Gloves of the Magi" introduced.

10. Death spell fixed.

Version 1.02 (October 30, 2005) Third Full Release


Ogg Vorbis compression used with wav files.

GAM file is now copied over into the Override folder by the TP2 first to minimize the problem of duplicate NPC's.


1. Bub and Thorfinn have been tidied up with new bios.

2. Chaos Flail and Drow Maces are now in use.

3. Scroll Black Blade of Disaster now works.

4. Skeezer is back in the game.

5. Timer's in Cuchoinneach's script have been fixed.

6. Cuchoinneach's dog now runs around at a reasonable pace and damage reduced.

7. Problem with german translation has been fixed.

8. Feydoch and Spec scripts have been fixed.

9. Wood elves now attack you if you hang around in their wood to long.

10. Katerin quest fixed.

11. Numerous text corrections.

12. Cuchoinneach's joining and leaving routine fixed.

Version 1.03 (July 23, 2006) Fourth Full Release




1. Item equip location problems with wraith like creatures.

2. Mass cure now displays correct string.

3. Keiria now starts as a level 3 bard.

4. Semaj script less hazzardous.

5. Banshee encounter revised.

6. Vampiresses in the Citadel no longer immortal.

7. Lord Dearthmac from going in and out of invisibility without a fight.

8. Shar creature from constantly rejuvenating.

9. Crash when entering Nashkel mine area.

10. Galdor creature crashing when spell casting.

11. Some German translation fixes.

Version 1.04 (May 29, 2010) Fifth Full Release


Altered how many Duergar spawned in Ferthgil's quest.

Updated the ReadME with proper links and updates.



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